Stefania Ventre


My name is Stefania. 

I began creating ceramic jewelry almost by accident over 18 years ago, a hobby  which soon became a small successful business as it often happens.

I am very fortunate to be based in London and Italy and having Careers between both make me  feel like I have a foot in both Countries.  I have a very Cosmopolitan approach to life and this has also inspired and influenced some of my designs.

Funnily enough I have never worn jewellery and I certainly never thought I would end up designing it.

Unlike most jewellery makers who only assemble ready-made, mass produced beads, I actually MAKE the beads as I start from hand-shaping the clay and that is why my creations are unique.

Each bead is entirely hand shaped and hand manufactured: the process is quite long and complex and requires a lot of hands-on experience which I have gained over the years.

Although I remain true to the traditional Vietri ceramic process, my extensive travelling has certainly influenced my style and opened my mind to more unorthodox clay shaping techniques ?

Another  passion of mine are my fabulous feline friends my cats.   Independent and elegant like modern women my cats have been a great source of inspiration and are very welcome in my studio.

A firm belief is that my  hand crafted jewellery should be accessible to everyone as an everyday luxury with prices ranging from €6 to €250.

The most rewarding part of my professional life? Meeting people on the street wearing my jewellery and thinking: I have made it out of a shapeless piece of clay!

I am now offering ceramic workshops where you can visit our breathtakingly stunning coast  and you too can experience designing a unique and bespoke work of art and You will have chance to get involved in a hands-on ceramic experience and shape your own jewellery to take home with you: you couldn’t find a better souvenir:)